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High Gear for Azure DevOps


Quisitive’s High Gear focuses on bringing companies advanced modernization capabilities needed to innovate and deliver business outcomes within the Microsoft clouds.

Built on modern DevOps principles and your organization’s specific business and technical challenges, High Gear for Azure DevOps accelerates innovation, enabling organizations to efficiently deliver value in a world that requires agility to address increased competition and business pressures. These efficiencies are only realized through enhancing systems and processes and adopting modern applications designed for the cloud.

Optimization and modernization with Quistive’s High Gear for Azure DevOps services deliver:

  1. Sustained performance enhancements
  2. Accelerated timelines
  3. Virtual delivery and remote worker enablement
  4. Leadership and support for modernization efforts
  5. Ability to scale with additional capabilities and benefits
An illustration of a rocket taking off from various technology pieces, including a laptop, a tablet, and a phone. this represents how organizations can kick their Microsoft cloud investment into high gear and use modern applications and DevOps principles .
Advanced Specialization Badge

Our long-standing partnership with Microsoft and Advanced Specialization in Modern Application Development are rooted in our deep understanding of what it takes to successfully connect technology to valuable business outcomes.

We understand that different industries and companies have different needs and constraints. Whether you have just started your modern application journey or have already made it down the road, Quisitive will meet you where you are to help accomplish your goals.

Let Quisitive shift your IT organization into High Gear. 

Find the right engagement approach for you.

Driver's Seat

You need subject matter experts to help navigate the project. 

High Gear: Driver’s Seat is a staff augmentation approach, designed for companies who want to own the project and already have clearly defined business needs and desired project outcomes. Quisitive provides the extra sets of hands and the outside perspective to get the job done right.

This engagement approach includes:

– A typical timeline of 4-6 weeks
– Architects to guide and promote best DevOps practices
– Experienced Scrum Masters who are familiar with the process
– DevOps Engineers to implement various tooling for your team


You understand what needs to be done, but you’re unsure of how to do it.

High Gear: Co-Pilot is a training-based approach, designed for companies who need to bring in an experienced partner like Quisitive to lead the project. Quisitive will ensure the project achieves desired outcomes while assisting in building the internal capabilities needed to succeed going forward.

This engagement approach includes:

– A team of experts to help guide and train your employees
– In-depth project planning
– Backlog creation in Azure DevOps
– Guided Scrum Events (Ceremonies)

Looking for help with Github?

Try High Gear for GitHub

Establish a strong DevOps foundation that leverages the power of GitHub Enterprise to maximize developer velocity to drive business agility through a 2-week immersive engagement.

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