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We’re working in partnership with our customers and Microsoft to deploy solutions to unburden the health system and give communities peace of mind through better technology.

MazikCare Care Path Vaccine Management: Quisitive’s COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution

Accelerate the distribution of vaccines for a healthier tomorrow. MazikCare Care Path Vaccine Management unifies the process of vaccine distribution and solidifies the relationship between providers, patients and distributors.

  • Enables users to create digital vaccine passes
  • Tracks the vaccine status of members and visitors at your locations
  • Users provide real-time data on symptoms
  • Automatically sends out reminders and notices for users to log responses

Whether you’re in healthcare or any other business, these solutions empower you to improve case reporting, patient triage, safe workplace return, and improve remote work collaboration.

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Our Team

Quisitive is dedicated to creating and implementing IT and data solutions in the best interests of healthcare businesses to ensure they and their patients thrive. Our leadership team includes longtime CIOs and health informatics leaders, including:

• Pat Becker, CSO
• Suresh Krishnan – CTO

Each has made their mark transforming healthcare operations at institutions such as the University of Chicago Medicine and AMITA Health in the last 30 years.


Quisitive is following rapid implementation and agile methodology to deploy these solutions to our customers and to help them prepare an effective  COVID-19 response.

COVID-19 Business Solutions to Flatten the Curve & Return to Work

Healthcare agencies and governments have a major task in ensuring safe and efficient COVID-19 test scheduling and swift patient processing. So we created an app that lets you set up test sites and appointment tracking anywhere. Doctor-referred patients book a COVID-19 test in under three clicks and administrators get direct tracking oversight. The smart appointment solution:

  • Expands test capacity outside of hospitals
  • Syncs with resources (e.g., # of test kits)
  • Appointments mean no test lines
  • Patient reminders & integrated texting
  • Deployment estimate: 4-8 weeks, minimal training 

The MazikCare COVID-19 Screening App converts the CDC’s in-person paper diagnostic form into an easy-to-use Microsoft PowerApp to reduce paperwork and data entry, and speed up and centralize data collection. It also integrates with EMRs like Epic & Cerner. This app is currently available without charge to healthcare organizations.

  • Deployment Estimate: 2 weeks

Our Symptom Checker Chatbot lets users answer health screening questions anonymously or with an account created in the Patient App (above). Just like the app, users can link their accounts between the two platforms and can share their health information with a provider, hospital, and others. Like the Patient App, it also helps users know when it’s the right time to seek medical help. 

Organizational use cases include the websites of home healthcare organizations, public and nonprofit health agencies, and more. Try it out at the link above.

  • Deployment Estimate: 2 weeks

Like the Screening PowerApp, our Patient App mirrors the CDC’s own COVID-19 assessment. Users create an account that lets them track any symptoms as they progress and get advice on seeking care when needed. User accounts can be linked to any self-assessments done in a connected symptom chatbot and users can share their health data with a health provider or hospital of their choice.

That gives users peace of mind on their symptoms and reduces unnecessary hospital visits to flatten the curve.

  • Deployment Estimate: 2 weeks

Is your conferencing solution meant for the long haul? Telehealth and video conferencing are key to minimizing population exposure and flattening the curve. It’s also how we’ve all been able to continue working. 

This solution combines Microsoft Teams with industry-specific solutions to turn your conferencing platform into an efficient workhorse. 

For Healthcare: HIPAA-compliant, secure Teams + EMR/EHR integration + Virtual Power Agents. 

For all industries: Teams remote collaboration, chat, and all your files ready to share inside the platform.

  • Deployment Estimate: 2 Weeks

The Only Back-to-Work App You Need

Return to the workplace with more confidence. The COVID-19 Back-to-Work App keeps your employees safer with simple tracking for them, contact tracing, and real-time data insights for you.

With early, easier staff-wide visibility, you’ll make faster decisions that keep more people safe.

Back to Work Screenshot

The Only Back-to-School App You Need

A return to campus solution that’s safer, well-managed, and creates confidence for everyone.

Mazik Global’s Back-to-School solution offers secure symptom and risk tracking, case management, and workflows that give administrators real-time visibility into who’s healthy enough to rejoin and remain on campus, empowering you to make decisions faster, keep staff and students safer, and ensure your school year remains on track.

Back to School Screenshot
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