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LedgerPay and dunnhumby

The LedgerPay and dunnhumby Go-To-Market Strategy

The LedgerPay and dunnhumby Go-To-Market Strategy A conversation with Scotty Perkins and Jose Luis-Gomes In today's highly volatile retail environment, creating value for the consumer…
a child using a laptop computer.

Four Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

It’s no secret that cyber criminals’ techniques are becoming extremely sophisticated. Last year alone nearly half a million individuals and businesses reported being victimized by…
A group of people putting their hands in the middle of a circle.

How & Why to Promote Collaboration in the Workplace | Quisitive

How to Improve Collaboration in the Workplace Many people recognize that collaboration is a key factor in a successful business. Workplace collaboration occurs when at…
Data security within the cloud
Azure Cloud

Is Data Safe in the Cloud?

Cloud-based internet security is an outsourced solution for storing data. Instead of saving data onto local hard drives, users store data on Internet-connected servers. Data…