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Photo of a business woman at her computer, checking email and collaborating with colleagues via the tools provided by Microsoft 365. In this blog, we'll share the challenges organizations often face in a Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration.

What to Expect When Doing A Tenant to Tenant Migration: Challenges during migration

A tenant to tenant migration is a complex and often challenging process. From the very decision of which tenant will become the new host, every…

On-Ramp to Azure Data: What It Is and How It Will Help Your Business

In my experience, when organizations look to migrate their data to the cloud, the first thing to understand is where they are on the ‘spectrum…
Image of a touch-screen with icons for the various tools provided by Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and more. This is to represent the tools that we use daily in our work environments and how important a smooth Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration is important for employees to do their daily work.

What to Expect When Doing A Tenant to Tenant Migration: Pre-Migration

A merger, acquisition, or divestiture inherently triggers change across not only one, but potentially multiple organizations. It requires a multitude of decisions — from staffing…
A Data and Analytics platform migration is symbolized in this picture of abstract lines, similar to a bar chart, pointing up towards the sky as if rising.

Four Key Questions to Ask Before Moving Your Data and Analytics Platform to the Cloud

Before your organization takes the leap of migrating your data warehouse or your data and analytics platform to the cloud, there are some key elements…