Integrating on-prem security information to Azure Sentinel via SCOM | Quisitive

At a recent SCOM event (SCOMathon), I had the opportunity to learn about Nathan Gau’s security management pack for SCOM. I immediately realized what I’m sure Nathan had all along – that the information available in this pack could be invaluable in Azure Sentinel. So, during (and after) this event, I reached out to Nathan to express this and offer whatever help I could to make this a reality. Once we started communicating on the topic, I quickly realized that I needed some big guns on the Azure Sentinel side, so I asked Rod Trent if he would join in on this project. So, fast-forward to today, I am excited to announce the release of On-Prem Security Monitoring for Sentinel!

Highlights of this management pack include:

Check out Rod’s and Nathan’s blog posts on this new solution at the links below!