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Quisitive Offers Aligned to Security

Quisitive Offers Aligned to Security

Solution Assessment Security Assessment

The Solution Assessment Security Assessment is a joint Microsoft & Quisitive sales play that helps customers develop a greater understanding of their IT security gaps, steps for remediation, costs, and opportunities for efficiency.

Spyglass Cloud Security Assessment

The Spyglass Cloud Security Assessment is a complete evaluation of an organization’s cloud security posture centered around identity, data, devices, applications and access.

Microsoft Sentinel Quick Start

With Microsoft Sentinel Quick Start, customers can jumpstart the process of adopting Azure Sentinel for Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration & Automated Remediation (SOAR).

Cyber Incident Response

Quisitive’s Security Incident Response & Management team quickly assesses and remediates damage from security incidents and gets customers online as soon as possible.

Spyglass Continuous Security Improvement Program

Spyglass is a security and compliance improvement program that aligns security requirements with best-in-class technology and expert deployment, for both cloud-centric and on-premises organizations.