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Dr. Vijay Jog

Leading Quisitive’s Global Business Applications, Dr. Vijay Jog is a well-known authority in corporate value creation and performance improvement. With over two decades of experience consulting to public- and private-sector organizations around the world, Vijay provides a unique perspective and insight into what drives performance and business management. An expert in corporate performance, corporate governance, taxation, corporate valuation, shareholder value creation, activity-based costing and management, organizational performance improvement and the role of capital markets in financing the enterprises including initial public offerings, Vijay focuses on delivering innovative solutions to client challenges by constantly striving to creatively stretch the envelope of knowledge and technology. Vijay is a Professor of Finance at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business in Ottawa, Canada, and is a chemical engineer with a Masters in Engineering, an MBA and a Ph.D. in Finance all from McGill University.

Vijay’s favorite business quote is from Profit from the Core: Chris Zook with James Allen: “Central to our findings are three ideas: the concept of core business and its boundaries; the idea that every business has a level of full-potential performance that usually exceeds what the company imagines; and the idea that performance-yield loss occurs at many levels, from strategy to leadership to organizational abilities to execution.”