As we’ve been working furiously over the last 6 months to transform our company into Quisitive, we’ve been talking a lot about the future of our company and our positioning in the marketplace. During this time, we’ve also been talking with our clients about the future of their businesses strategies through the lens of emerging technology trends and their implications on customer experience and marketing.

What makes emerging technology trends so interesting is that they’re difficult to prognosticate, both in their viability and potential applications. Take augmented reality for example. Over the last year, augmented reality was being billed as a fringe technology with little application outside of digitally enhancing other advertising media like TV and print. Then Nintendo introduced their Pokemon GO app on July 6th and augmented reality has not only dominated technology and pop culture news over the last 2 weeks but is now being talked about as a viable precursor to the coming explosion of virtual reality.

social media and game users

It just goes to show that in today’s digitally connected world, technologies can move from relative obscurity to overnight headliners if someone cracks the code on their utility and integration into our everyday lives. Because of this phenomenon, it’s important for business leaders to keep an eye on emerging technology trends that may become opportunities in the marketplace. Just as important, business leaders should be proactively building agility into their infrastructure and processes in order to leverage appropriate trends as their business needs change.

I also believe it’s important to illuminate some of these emerging technology trends and start the conversation around their current and potential implications for B2C and/or B2B marketing in subsequent posts. Trend topics that I intend to explore will likely include live streaming, wearables, virtual reality, beacons, IoT, chatbots, digital currencies, cybersecurity, machine learning, visualization, artificial intelligence, and eSports. Of course as new trends emerge, I’ll look to include some of them as well.