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Quisitive High Gear

High Gear

Quisitive High Gear

Our High Gear services provide the support, expertise and capabilities necessary to accelerate cloud innovation and deliver value and impact against your business objectives.

  • High Gear for Microsoft Teams

    Collaborate and achieve more with Microsoft Teams.

  • High Gear for Azure DevOps

    Plan smarter and deliver faster with modern development principles.

  • High Gear for Power Platform

    Analyze data, build solutions, automate processes and create virtual agents with Microsoft Power Platform.

  • High Gear for Data and Analytics

    Innovate faster with the tools and technologies of the Azure Data Platform.

  • High Gear for Application Innovation

    Design an Azure cloud native application with expert guidance in just one week.

  • High Gear for GitHub

    Maximize developer velocity and drive business agility with GitHub Enterprise.


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