Multi-Select Filters in Power Apps with Combo box, Checkboxes & No Delegation

How to Apply Multi-Select Filters in Power Apps

Power Apps with Combo Box

In this step-by-step tutorial video, we will learn how to build multi select filters in Power Apps. We will apply multiple filters to PowerApps Gallery including multiple item selections using combo box, multi-select checkboxes and multi select buttons.

We will build these gallery filters keeping delegation in mind (No delegation warning) & work with multiple data sources like Dataverse & SharePoint.

I will showcase how to filter a multi select choice column based on a multi select combo box control.

Trick is to go around the IN non-delegable Operator and use Equals (=) which is a delegable function. I will also cover a new function called “Index” in Power Apps.

This video covers the following:

  • Multiple Item Selection based Filters
  • Combo box control to filter Gallery for SharePoint List & Dataverse
  • Multi select checkbox-based filtering
  • Multi select button-based Gallery Filter
  • Multi Select Filter on Multi Select Choice Column
  • Reset filters
  • Delegation Workaround
  • Index function

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