Quisitive Earns Elite Microsoft Advanced Specialization: A Conversation with Steven Balusek and Bryan Blain

The Quisitive team recently earned the Modernization of Web Applications in Microsoft Azure advanced specialization. To understand the significance of this achievement we sat down with Quisitive SVP of Services, Steven Balusek [SB] and Director of Technology, Bryan Blain [BB], to gain a better understanding of business impact.

What does this mean for Quisitive?

[SB] While this achievement validates our technical expertise and demonstrates our thought-leadership in this space, the most significant impact for Quisitive will be access to customers and qualified opportunities. With this achievement we now are part of an elite group of partners that Microsoft engages with to jointly pursue customer targets.

How does this differentiate Quisitive within the Microsoft ecosystem?

[SB] If you look at the current Microsoft partner ecosystem of 64,000+ partners, a very limited number of partners currently have this certification, and we join that select group. For our customers this validates our deep product knowledge, extensive experience and proven expertise in migrating and modernizing production web application workloads and managing app services in Azure. As a 100% dedicated Microsoft partner, we are very mindful to structure our go-to-market offerings to map directly to Microsoft sales plays.  Our goal is to make it very simple to engage with us to drive customer impact and to increase deal velocity.  Having this specialization is one more way to reduce friction and drive results.

How difficult was the audit process?

[BB] Preparation for the audit was a process we began in January of this year; the requirements were steep, and we knew that we needed a well-orchestrated plan to achieve the goal. The team worked weeks in advance preparing and organizing customer evidence.   Our level of preparedness was summed up in this quote from the independent auditor… “Quisitive’s performance is one of the best I have seen in an audit, making this one of the most resounding approvals I have given for a Specialization. Quisitive walked the talk and backed its well-orchestrated presentation by demonstrating superior technological and programming skills to modernize applications in Azure.” That quote sums up the amazing consulting talent we have at Quisitive.

Read the full press release to learn more.