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Responsible AI Governance Workshop

Ensure your AI solutions are ethical, responsible, and aligned with your organizational values while you comply with regulations.
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Establish critical AI governance procedures with an expert at your side

Quisitive's Responsible AI Governance Workshop will help you understand ethical and responsible AI principles and establish critical AI policies and governance procedures. A series of discussions will help quickly establish a set of guiding standards for your organization.

McKinsey finds that 63% of organizations say implementing generative AI is a high priority. Yet 91% of those don’t feel “very prepared” to do so in a responsible manner.

Quisitive can help.


By the end of this workshop, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of responsible AI governance and will be positioned to start adopting AI solutions. You will also get an outline of policies and governance procedures. You will have the option to develop a private Chat GPT.


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Quisitive's Responsible AI Governance Workshop covers the following topics:
Strategy & Vision

How to define your AI vision, mission, and values. Also, how to align them with your business strategy and stakeholder expectations.

Policies & Procedures

How to determine, create, and document your AI policies and procedures, such as data collection, processing, storage, sharing, and more.

Data Management

How to manage data quality, integrity, availability, diversity, governance issues, risks, and breaches.

Strategy & Vision

How to define your AI vision, mission, and values. Also, how to align them with your business strategy and stakeholder expectations.

Risk Management

How to identify, assess, prioritize, and mitigate the potential risks of your AI solutions.

Ethics & Compliance

How to adhere to the ethical principles and standards of responsible AI, such as transparency, fairness, accountability, privacy, etc.

Training & Education

How to educate and train your employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders on the benefits, challenges, and responsibilities of using AI, and more.

Roles & Responsibilities

How to define and assign the roles and responsibilities of your AI team members and stakeholders, and more.


How to measure the performance and impact of your AI solutions and how to use data-driven insights to optimize your AI outcomes.

Vendor Management & Technology Infrastructure

How to select and manage your external vendors and partners who provide AI-related products or services, and more.

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